About San Pedro

San Pedro Town is located on Ambergris Caye. Fondly known as La Isla Bonita, this charming and thriving community is home to friendly residents who welcome you with warm smiles and excellent hospitality.  San Pedro continues to develop and grow with first class resorts, restaurants to suit every palate, and a fun night life every night of the week.     There is a plethora of places for you to stay as well as new modern pristine resorts grace the beaches of Ambergris. Name any water sport and you’ll find it here and the most important sports to partake in are either diving or snorkeling as here you have an endless wall of barrier reef running the length of the caye. To explore and discover, the magnificent barrier reef is just a stone’s throw away from the shores of La Isla Bonita. The Belize Barrier Reef begins at the northern end of the country off Ambergris Caye and continues some 150 miles south, ending with a series of small sandy islands off the southern coast of Belize.

This immense span of living reef encompasses every kind of coral and reef know to nature. The reef’s close proximity to the Belize mainland and it’s Cayes is a huge attribute.From the Cayes local dive sites are reached in a matter of minutes. Additionally, protected waters inside the reef make getting to dive sites easy and comfortable.

Divers and snorkeler’s will find the Caribbean waters comfortable, with constant year-round temperatures in the low 80’s. Visibility is excellent, sometimes seeming endless. The undersea world appears in vibrant colors and underwater photos develop just as you see it, crisp and clear. Any number of guides are happy to take you for incredible scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing. There is a great variety of reef types and diving & snorkeling experiences in Belize. The Barrier Reef is 185 meandering miles (298 km) of unspoiled beauty. It varies from 8 to 16 miles (13-26 km) from the mainland to less than one mile (1.6 km) offshore from Ambergris Caye. Much of it is totally unexplored and all of it is easily accessible by boat. The reef is like a gigantic wall running parallel to the coast. Between the mainland and the reef are shallow, sandy waters with numerous mangrove-covered islands (cayes).

If you prefer to play on the mainland, guides and tour companies can take you to climb Mayan temples, hike through lush rainforests and indulge in the rich Belizean culture.

There are so many words that can be used to describe San Pedro and Ambergris Caye. Warm, inviting, scenic, tropical, exciting, fun, sultry, fantastic…and the list goes on. La Isla Bonita welcomes you!

Quick Tips: Best Way To Get Around:

You’ll no doubt arrive in the country by plane to Belize City. From there it’s easy to catch one of the many flights a day run by Tropic Air or Maya airlines. Another way to access the caye is by water shuttle. These leave several times a day from the dock and stop at Caye Caulker enroute to San Pedro village on Ambergris. Once you arrive you’ll probably want to walk just about anywhere you go unless you’re staying at one of the resorts at the far end of the island in which case you’ll catch a taxi. Golf carts, believe it or not, are also available both for rent and for ‘taxi’ about the island!