Belize Bank implements new fees for cash transactions

Saturday, February 6th, 2016

Belize Bank Limited (BBL) has recently implemented new cash withdrawal fees and customers are not happy. The fee is $1 for direct cash withdrawal and $0.50 for ATM cash withdrawals. These charges came into effective on Thursday, January 28th and BBL costumers have raised several complaints on the new charges.Belize Bank ATM Machine web-1
“I recently went to withdraw money through the ATM and before discharging the money a pop up appeared asking me to confirm a 50¢ charge for withdrawal. This is getting ridiculous! Every time we go to the ATM they will be charging us 50¢. And then it is $1 when you go inside the bank and wait in line to use the teller to withdraw. We don’t even have free access to our own money now,” said a concerned citizen to The San Pedro Sun.
The Sun contacted BBL, where Marketing General Manager, Shakira Tsai confirmed the new charge. “These fees were introduced to allow us to provide a higher level of our over the counter customer service to all our customers as well as provide the most convenient, accessible and reliable ATM service in Belize. It is based on a ‘user pay’ philosophy. We also recognize that customers have a number of choices when it comes to using their cash held on deposit at the bank. To avoid the over the counter fee, customers can use the ATMs for a reduced fee. If the proceeds being withdrawn are to pay for goods and services, our free Visa Debit Card can be used for these purposes at no cost,” explained Tsai.
According to BBL, notice of the new fee has been posted inside every branch, as well as every ATM.

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