Road to ’09

Friday, October 10th, 2008

1-on-1 with the PUP’s Andre Perez (part 1)Andre Perez, PUP Party Chairman
San Pedro Town

Q: Much has been heard about the road to Municipal Elections in 2009. How has the People's United Party been preparing for it?
A: Most certainly the PUP in Belize Rural South has been diligently working as has been evident for the past few weeks on the local newspapers informing the community of all the good things happening locally as well as nationally. Specifically here in San Pedro we have already formed our executive body and more recently we elected our new executive committee. An important note that must be highlighted is that an office already has been identified and will be opening its doors shortly, permanently staffed with a secretary.

Q: The Belize City United Democratic Party recently had their convention. What is your party’s plan on a convention? Do you have a date set up already?

A: No, we don’t have a date set. First and foremost we are already looking at prospective candidates and if indeed we get more than the required applications then in strict accordance with the PUP constitution, a date for a convention will be announced. The deadline for receiving applications is October 31st.

Q: Of course, the hardest task is finding candidates suitable enough for Mayoral and Councillor posts, do you have candidates that have expressed their desire to run for any posts? Or, do you have your slate more or less ready?

A: Yes, of course we already do have several people that have expressed interest as well as prospective names who meet the criteria that might be considering forming part of the slate. However at this point I would prefer not to disclose any names.

Q: The UDP has been in power for the past two terms in San Pedro, do you forsee any changes in that?

A: From an economic standpoint I foresee no changes or improvements if this present administration is given a third term. From a political standpoint if there is any municipality that has one of the better opportunities to bring about positive change with the PUP is here in San Pedro. The stagnant and deteriorating track record of this present UDP administration is so self evident and more so in front of almost everybody’s home. In fact I want to mention that even within the UDP, members want to see a change. Evident of that is the division and infighting that is obvious amongst the UDP in San Pedro. But more than that, all around the community, the people are not happy with the current conditions of this municipality. Look at the streets, for example, the people want a town council that will do everything possible. If not solve, at least work to make the conditions better. I am sure that this community because of the internal fighting, the people of the San Pedro are learning about the corruption that exists within the town council followed by a relentless cover up that they have embarked so blatantly.

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