Exploring Caves Branch with Discovery Expeditions

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Belize is a rich Central American and Caribbean country that has a lot to offer to its visitors and people. Visitors can easily enjoy a trip into the past by discovering the underworld water caverns, adventure and view Belize’s lush rainforest and sample the typical Belizean flavors all in one place. A trip to Caves Branch Outpost at Nohoch Che’en National Park allows you to enjoy a little bit of what Belize has to offer, all in one day. Discovery Expeditions takes eager travelers from San Pedro via the Reef Rocket speedboat on a 45 minute drive to Belize City.

With our destination located some 37 miles west of the city, the journey on the bus wiggles its way through several villages until it reaches the far end of Frank Eddie Village. Our able and knowledgeable tour guide briefs us on the activities for the day. First we get our comfortable footgear and head to the waiting area where we are all introduced to the managers of Cave Branch Outpost and Canopy Café. A small trek along the green thick rainforest brings us to the new zip lining area. Even though under construction, it is plain to see that the coming attraction will be exhilarating. High above us workers are setting up platforms on trees, thick cables run through the canopy of trees, and you can almost expect Tarzan to come sailing out of the treetops. But, our actual plan for the day is cave tubing through some of the most mysterious and historic cave systems in Belize.

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