Tigersharks leads the National Elite Basketball League

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

The San Pedro Tigersharks Basketball Team is leading the National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) after defeating the Dangriga Warriors on Saturday March 15th. The game was hosted at the Rafael Angel Nunez Auditorium and saw a respectable number of supporters who were out to cheer the home team. The masters of the drums from southern Belize had high expectations coming into San Pedro, after all, they had been on a winning streak.

Tigersharks Beat Dangriga Warriors-8
Tyrone Castillo for the Warriors opened the scoreboard with a two-pointer, placing the visitors at starting lead. A few seconds after, San Pedro’s Winston Pratt was fouled and awarded two free-throws. Pratt managed to get one shot in, so the home team still trailed. Moments after, Pratt was awarded two more foul shots, both which he caught, placing the score at 3-2 in favor of the home team. After several misplays, the Tigersharks’ Michael Adams and Pratt stretched the lead by 8 to 4 for home team. But the culture Warriors were determined not to go down so early. Gary Francisco led the charge, followed by Jamir Flores of Dangriga, to tie the score at 5 minutes and 3 seconds into the first quarter. The Warriors began a roll that stretched their lead to the end of the first quarter with a 20 – 17 score in their favor.

In the second quarter, the game was competitive and the score was neck to neck. Without the support of his key player Ashton Edwards at the start of the game,Winston Pratt came under sustained defense from the Warriors’ Flores, Francisco and Trevaughn Usher. But the Tigersharks were determined to take the lead, and in the second quarter, they managed a 44-39 score to end the first half with the lead. The third quarter was even more exciting as each team mounted their defense and tried a variety of attack strategies on each other. Leading scorer Pratt maintained his game on the court and skillfully managed to keep the baskets going with the occasional appearance of Densmore Edwards and Michael Adams. Ashton Edwards made a late entrance into the game, which brought a difference on the court. After seeing his team struggling to keep up with the Warriors, Edwards added fresh pressure to the game forcing an equal 64 to 64 points at the end of the third quarter. The two Edwards, Adams and Pratt kept the pressure up in the last quarter of the game. Combined with defensive plays, the home team nabbed a 10-point advantage over the Dangriga Warriors ending the game at 88 to 78 a piece.

Tigersharks Beat Dangriga Warriors-1
Tigersharks caught 25 2-pointers (50), 23 free throws shots and five 3-pointers (15) accounting for the 88 points while the visiting team caught 28 2-pointers (56), 16 free throws and two 3-pointers (6) garners their 78 points. Gary Francisco was the player of the game, obtaining 22 points for the visiting team.
Results from other games played in round six are as follows:
Friday, March 14
Cayo Western Ballaz 83VsToledo Diplomats 54
Belize City (Smart) No Limit 73VsBelmopan Bandits 56
Saturday, March 15
Corozal Heats 80 Vs Orange Walk Running Rebels 79

Tigersharks Beat Dangriga Warriors-6
The San Pedro Tigersharks is leading the league with 16 points, five wins and one loss; having lost only to Toledo Diplomats under controversial circumstances. Also with 16 points is the Cayo Western Ballazwith similar standings but because of the Tigersharks’ game point average, their performance is up by 8% over the Ballaz.
In week seven of the NEBL, the Belmopan Bandits will host the Cayo Western Ballaz on Thursday March 20th at the UB gym. On Saturday March 22nd, Belize City (Smart) No Limit will host the Dangriga Warriors at the Birds Isle, Corozal Heats will travel to Toledo to meet the Diplomats at Punta Gorda Sporting Complex and Running Rebels will host the San Pedro Tigersharks at the Orange Walk Town Sporting Complex. Good Luck to the San Pedro Tigersharks!

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