Letter to the Editor: Garbage

Sunday, February 8th, 2015

Dear Editor:
I thought I would share an observation with you. For the entire month in January I polled each visitor that came to our store. They were ALL asked the same two questions. I polled well over 100 TOURISTS. I was diligent in this.
Question 1) What do you like best about Ambergris Caye?Garbage on Marina Drive-3
Question 2) What did you NOT like about your trip to Ambergris Caye?
Two simple questions.
The answers to question 1 varied as to their likes, but most stated they liked the friendly people here.
BUT question 2 was the SAME answer from everyone! "The trash, the garbage everywhere"
Some said they would not be back as we don’t seem to care about our island and how it leaves a bad impression for travelers. Some told me they had taken pictures of our garbage to post to TripAdvisor and to show friends so that others may want to choose another location to travel to. Others took pictures of the garbage along the beach and roads, the list went on, BUT it was the same answer from more than 100 travelers!!!
These 100 travelers have the ability to impact thousands more by posting to TripAdvisor and other sites, plus their word of mouth. How many more tourists will we lose to our garbage?
/s/Name withheld by request

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