Our Valentine’s poetry contest winners chosen by our Facebook fans

Friday, February 20th, 2015

This year The San Pedro Sun’s annual Valentine’s Poetry Contest saw a great number of entries, with over 25 submissions! Poets of all ages shared their poems of love and devotion, and we were so overwhelmed in choosing the winners we decided to put our Facebook fans to the task.

A handful of poems were posted each day on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/SanPedroSun and readers were asked to “Like” and comment on them. Likes equaled votes and were considered up to February 17th when they were tallied. “My Beautiful Blue Pen”, composed by nine-year old Javier Gongora earned a whopping 244 Likes, making the poem dedicated to a pen the top winner. In all, the five poems that received the most Likes were chosen as the top contest winners.


The San Pedro Sun thanks all who were inspired to submit their poetry, and we are very grateful for the generosity of local business who donated prizes.


First Place


Second Place


Third Place


Fourth Place

5th Place: Mystery of a Girl

My girlfriend is sick but she won’t say what?
Is it something down there or a pain in her gut?

Won’t even answer where the sickness goes,
Is it in her pretty little head or near her toes?

Gave her aspirin, tylenol and all of my meds,
But women get different pains in their heads.

Made chicken soup and got a doctor on the phone,
She said, “I’m sick, go away, and leave me alone!”

No end to the mysteries about being a girl,
But ain’t nuthin betta in the whole wide world.

Tom Taylor

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