Letter to the Editor: Close clubs and bars early

Sunday, April 9th, 2017

Dear Mayor Danny and Town Council Liquor Control Board,
It is time to REALLY face the music. Close bars and clubs no later than 2 AM. NO after-hours clubs. Over and over again you find that problems happen in the wee hours of the morning under the influence of intoxicants. How long until we wake up and say - enough!!
Closing at 2AM (or even 12) will not have a negative effect on tourism. Our bread and butter is not in alcohol, it is in diving and fishing. Do the good families of this town really want their kids to grow up in a place where drinking all night is a “lifestyle”? The vast majority of people in this town are family-oriented, hard-working and clean living. Please do your part to serve and protect these good people and their/our livelihoods.
Thank you
Diane Campbell
CC: San Pedro Sun

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