Letter to the Editor: Developments in Ambergris Caye

Sunday, March 18th, 2018

Dear Editor:
Fourteen years ago, when I first visited San Pedro, I fell in love with this beautiful island and the people, so as a real estate developer, my dream was always to come to San Pedro and build a fantastic resort and purchase a condo for my guests and clients to stay at and enjoy, while visiting San Pedro. Little did I know how developments are done here. Little did I know, you that have to threaten the developer with legal action to get a Strata Title to a condo that you paid in full. Little did I know that it takes up to 8 years to finish a small development. I trusted the developer at The Residences at Barrier Reef about 4 years ago and purchased a condo there. Four years later, instead of overlooking from the beautiful lake and swimming pool, they promised me, I overlook the construction storage and a stinking dredged lake. Construction is still going on all day with the banging noise all days after 4 years. I cannot even sell my condo as no sane person wants to buy a condo and be in middle of construction storage and an awful dredged lake. These are the pitfalls for the dreamers who come to this beautiful island and want to establish residence. I hope my experience can help other dreamers coming to this island.
John Aflatouni, MBA
Managing Member
Kingdom Real Estate Holdings & Wealth Management, LTD, A Belize Corporation

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