Letter to the Editor: People of San Pedro unite. Enough is enough.

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

Submitted by Corry McDermott

Why have we let GOB rape us out of our hard earned dollars and give us only $69,000 when they receive altogether approximately $70,000,000? What have they given us in return?

Bad Police

Bad Roads

Bad Infrastructure

Bad Gangs coming over from Belize City to rob us, breaking into the legal privacy of our homes and businesses.

There is a problem with the culture of San Pedro and that is: “Everything is: ‘No Problem Mon’.” For they have never liked confrontation, and have a lackadaisical attitude, saying, “Let the other guy do it.”

If the police happen to catch a burglar/thief, he is let go within two days for no-one that has been broken into and robbed will testify against them. People of San Pablo especially, do what the people did further down south. They created South Ambergris Caye Neighborhood Watch and each of the 120 members has contributed to, we don’t have any criminals down there trying to rob us. Only one burglary happened in 2011!

People of San Pablo, take a look at your community and say to these criminals that have robbed and burglarized over 50% of your homes, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We are honest citizens and if the police won’t do it, then let us each pay $50 a month to have our own private police force and control the crime. It can be done, but you have to come out of your bushes, your hiding and pull together. The old way of life is gone. You used to be able to leave your dive gear and wetsuit to dry out on your porch – even a camera. But not today. The new way of life is how to get along with the gangs of criminals and dopers.

You can have a secure and peaceful life again. Just like those folks down south that banded together and sent these gangs and bad police a message.

Thank you, and God bless,

/s/ Mr. Corry, a very concerned citizen.

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