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Holy Cross Anglican Primary School celebrates Belize’s Culture

Holy Cross Anglican Primary School celebrated Culture Day on Friday November 15th. The event is an annual activity in which students get to showcase their knowledge about the various ethnic groups in Belize.

Weeks in advance, the students were divided into various groups and were tasked to create a booth displaying the music, food and various visual aids of their assigned groups. The information displayed helped visitors and other students to learn more about the cultural groups in Belize. With the guidance of their teachers and assistance of the parents, the students were able to dress in various cultural outfits and even provided samples of food that are traditional in the Garifuna, Mestizo, Maya, Mennonite, East Indian and Creole ethnic groups.

Visitors were also able to enjoy the many cultural dances conducted by the students at different intervals.
According to the teachers, the students had enough time to prepare for the event which was open to parents and visitors. They stated that every year, the school improves on the event.