San Mateo Subdivision "put on hold"

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 11, No. 2            January 11, 2001

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"The San Mateo Subdivision has been put on hold by the Prime Minister" was the statement included in the minutes of a November 23rd meeting of the Belize Barrier Reef Committee. No official announcement has been made by government to the general public and attempts to verify this information led this newspaper on a "wild goose chase" to find someone who would confirm whether it was Phase I or Phase II. 

    While it is understandable why Coastal Zone Management Authority/Institute would be reluctant to give up minutes of the meeting, it is surprising that the Commissioner of Lands states he knows nothing about the subject especially if it is a direct order from the Prime Minister. Upon contacting the Department of Environment, this reporter was told to contact Mrs. Cardona, Physical Planner at the Ministry of Natural Resources, who is in charge of subdivisions. Mrs. Cardona confirmed that San Mateo was indeed put on hold, but declined any further comment and referred the paper to Mr. Cardona, Commissioner of Lands. Mr. Cardona stated that he was not informed of this order and that the Sun should contact the Prime Minister or the Area Representative. Upon contacting the Prime Minister's office it was learned he was tied up for the next two days with the American Olympian Marian Jones. The next call to the Area Representative proved fruitless as she was in Belmopan but her office staff was not aware of any hold order. So much for transparency in government.
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