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Vacancy: Looking for an experienced caretaker couple. This is for a small guest house located north of the bridge. Job duties are general maintenance, yard work, pool care, guest assistance and recommendations. Wife would provide housekeeping and cooking services. Must have 2 years’ experience, and present social security card along with police record. No children on premises. Please submit application at Reef Management or email to [email protected]

Wanted: Long term lease (six to 12-months) on a one or two bedroom condo or apartment. Prefer a beachfront unit south of San Pedro with a pool. Prefer the lease to begin in late October, November or early December. As a tenant, I am in my late 70’s, am a non-smoker, a light drinker, and live alone. Excellent references. Budget is limited to no more than $1,100 per month. Send info: [email protected]


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