BRS Standard Bearers’ Debate set for February 15th

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Anticipation is high for the first ever Belize Rural South Standard Bearer Debate which has been scheduled for February 15th at 7:00PM. The debate is being organized by The San Pedro Sun, in partnership with Reef Radio/TV. The venue is yet to be announced but all four candidates that are running for the General Election in BRS have agreed to participate.


L to R: Ana Patricia Arceo, Manuel Heredia Jr., William ‘Mike’ Campbell, Robert ‘Bobby’ Lopez

According to one of the debate organizers, and Editor of The SP Sun, Tamara Sniffin, the Standard Bearer debate will replace the second Mayoral Debate. Sniffin said that the format for this debate will be based on prepared questions that will be solicited from the community. Participants will be presented with the questions at the time of the debate. Each candidate will be allotted time for an opening statement. Debate answers will be limited to a specific time and each candidate will also be given the opportunity for a brief, timed rebuttal. At the end of the debate, each candidate will be allowed a timed closing statement.

The debate will be moderated by Reef Radio's Eiden Salazar and the questions will be presented by The SP Sun editor, Tamara Sniffin. The debate will be broadcast live on both Reef Radio, Reef TV and streamed live on The San Pedro Sun website. Admission to the debate will be determined by tickets equally distributed to all candidates and community stakeholders.

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