Letter to the Editor: My vote counts, so does yours

Sunday, March 4th, 2018

Dear voters of San Pedro,

I moved to San Pedro and invest my time and money into improving this community. This is my first election and I have been doing my research and have had the opportunity to speak to both Mr. Pérez and Mr. Guerrero.

An election is how we hire our management team – we sometimes forget that they work for us, and spend our money.

If you were hiring a team to run your household, property, or business, would you hire a team that:
– Refuses to explain what they have done with your money for the past 6 years?
– Refuses to answer to their shortcomings and plans are for another 3 years?
– Ignores their employer?

There are no financial reports or participation in the debate. The answer is clear.

The Manifestos of the UDP for the last 3 elections appear to have the same promises resulting in few accomplishments.

Tourism is increasing, but not due to the leadership of San Pedro. Our Council seems to ride along on its wake, taking credit but ignoring the problems inherent with growth.

The Mayor only received 38% of the votes from Registered Voters last election. People who are devout PUP or UDP will vote with their party regardless of reality.

The thinking voter has the power to sway the election. Please consider the facts and think about your future, not getting a few $ today and suffering for 3 years.

Sometimes 2 Wrongs do make a Right. If the UDP insists on giving you ‘our money’ for your vote, take the money, but vote for the future of San Pedro and a better Belize.

My vote counts, so does yours.

Please make a difference for the future of our community.

Please help PUP stop the corruption.

– Name (verified) but withheld for fear of retribution

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