Wednesday, July 24, 2024


The Transcultura Program of UNESCO and the EU promotes the training of young people from the Caribbean in cultural entrepreneurship

The Transcultura Program: Integrating Cuba, the Caribbean and the European Union through Culture and Creativity, implemented by UNESCO and financed by the European Union, keeps open the call for scholarships for the online courses on cultural entrepreneurship of the Open Campus of the University of the West Indies (UWIOC, for its acronym in English).

UNESCO Elects Belizean to Evaluation Body of the 2003 Convention

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology and the National Institute of Culture and History is pleased to announce the Election of Mr. Nigel Encalada to the Evaluation Body of UNESCO’s 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Belize and Suriname Begin Technical Exchange for Safeguarding Pre-Columbian and Historic Built Heritage Sites

The exchange, which is funded by UNESCO, is phase 1 of a project in which Belize and Suriname will share expertise on how Pre-Columbian archaeological and Historic period built-heritage sites are conserved and managed.

Hon. Patrick Faber Attends the 43rd Session of the World Heritage Committee

The Hon. Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture is in Baku, Azerbaijan attending the 43rd Session of the World Heritage Committee.

Environmentalists weigh in on the Belize Barrier Reef removal from UNESCO’S In-Danger list

While it's good news that the Belize Barrier Reef is off the UNESCO List of In-Danger World Heritage Sites, there is much to be done to ensure it stays off the list. Stakeholders have moved their goals to ensuring its health is a priority, calling on the Belizean community to protect and preserve every square inch of the magnificent reef.

The Belize Barrier Reef is officially off UNESCO’S In-Danger list

On Tuesday, June 26th, during their 42nd annual meeting in Manama, Bahrain, the World Heritage Committee removed the Belize Barrier Reef from the UNESCO World Heritage Center List of World Heritage in Danger.

Belize Barrier Reef System awaits removal from World Heritage Site in-danger list

A draft decision has been published on the World Heritage Center’s (WHC) website supporting the notion to remove the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System (BBRRS) from the in danger list. The final decision will be made at the WHC's 42nd annual meeting to take place June 24th - July 4th.

Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System remains in UNESCO Danger List; Land Development to blame

The World Heritage Committee in its 2017 decision to retain the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System (BBRRS) on the Danger List, stressing the urgency of addressing development issues within the BBRRS.