Chubby Valentine by Maria Mai

My boyfriend things he’s clever, he really is a joke
For last year he gave me a box of diet coke
He said his mother gave him, she got it from Bowen free
But that’s not true, for I have learn, he bought it just for me

You see I’m kind of chubby, all around the waist
But when my boyfriend met me, he only saw my face
I was snorkeling in San Pedro, when I caught his big blue eyes
Staring right at me, below the sunny skies

The rays of light was in his face, his vision must be dim
He thought that I was Barbie, real sexy and quite slim
I stood their in the water, he ask me for a date
Sure I said to the handsome face thinking it was faith

The next day it was valentines, we went to Elvis kitchen
He ordered macaroni, I ordered two whole Chicken
He stared at me and said oh my, you can really eat
But my darling aint seen nothing yet, for that was just the meat

The rice and beans and vegetables was next upon my list
I told him I am Maria, he said that he was Chris
Things went well as you can tell, a whole year has pass
But this valentines I don’t think that me and Chris will last

I know that I am chubby, but Chris is full of Sh__
For after I have ate the food, he had me paid for it
Never will I go snorkeling on valentine eve again
For too many blue eye brothers, wants to be my friend

Maria Mai

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