Poem of River of Fire

Happy Valentines Day

How should I wish you happy Valentines Day
Allow my pen on paper to stray
Pick you a rose, pink, starting to care
Perhaps the words I chose, came from your stare
You’re confusing my thoughts, bewildering my mind

Voiding battles fought, designing my rhyme
Admire you I do, from ankles to lobes
Leave me questing too, the gravity of globes
Entice my desires, to hold your form
Never letting go, till you cause me harm
Touch your soul, with our first embrace
Initiate a mold, not to be replaced
Now I see yoru smile, your quiet charm
Even now it still makes me feel warm
Searching your eyes to find your soul

Dazed by your sighs, and watch your beauty unfold
And I wonder to you, how can I say
You, my sweet heart should have a Happy Valentines Day!!

River of Fire

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