Poems by Bra Lee

We know bout love if you no got gial friend?
U she u got woman but dat kian be the same
Wen man get married, man no free again!
But see me? Me gat lot a gialfrend!

No gial wan deal wit married man
Check it out me bredda? Da no lie!
U now weh ketch Uncle Dan?
E Gil lefa, and now he loan di cry!

Dat’s why mi no wan get married at all!
Di mo gialfrend, di mo experience!
Me ker gial the spail, da dance!
And then, ina me hands dem fall!

So tell me, me bredda?
Weh u know baut love if U no gat gialfrend?
Next taim no go get woman, when U so young, hia?
So U could enjoy mo gialfrend and drink mo bia.

Bra Lee

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