Poems by Freddy Nuñez

One Wish

If I had one wish I ask to be with you my love
If I get to be with you
I would hold you tight to my soul
If I only have one wish
I would ask to have you here with me
Because you mean everything to me
Because you are the one that get the best of me

One wish is the only thing I ask
One smile one kiss
You’re the only one I miss
What can I write about love?
If you’re not here with me
What can I say about us?
If I don’t ever see you again

One wish one love my love is true
One love one wish my wish is you
I am your only true love
The one that thinks a lot about you
If I had one wish
I would loved to spent the rest of my life
By your side

Written by Freddy Nuñez


Te Extraño Me Extrañas

Dime que no me amas. Ve me a los ojos
Y dime que no me extrañas
Dime que cuando estas junto a el
No deseas que sea yo
El que bese tus labios
Dime que no desees que te diga
Lo mucho que yo te quiero

Eres el amor de mi vida
Sé que lo sabes verdad
Los dos estamos destinados hacer nuestras vidas
A enamorarnos querernos y amarnos
Pero tú desistes marcharte de mí
Sabiendo lo mucho que significas para mí
Y ahora no se qué hacer sin ti

Yo lo sé todo te conozco y sé cómo eres
Cada sonrisa y cada mirada
Me dice que mueres por mí
Te mueres como yo muero por ti
Te quiero mi amor y sé que tú sientes lo mismo
Que yo
Te extraño me extrañas

Written By Freddy Nuñez


Rum & Coke Love – funny

They say I am funny when it comes to love
But defiantly I want you to be
My rum to my coke
My whiskey to my brain
The sugar to my lips
Your hands to my waist

They say I am funny when it comes to love
Oh baby I want you to be
My sex on the beach
My pina colada to my hands
The cup to my mouth
Your tongue to my tongue

They say I am funny when it comes to love
Oh babe let me be the beer
The bottle to your hand
The thirst to your throat
The ice to your cup
Your taste to everything
Oh babe let me be the straw
To your rum & Coke….

Written By Freddy .M. Nuñez



My love where are the stars tonight
The stars won’t bright
If you’re not with me,
My love you’re the only one I have
You’re my only true love on my mind
There is nothing I can’t do
But belong to you

You’re the only one that always makes me laugh
I can’t breathe if you’re not on my side
Babe I will miss you when I go sleep tonight
I need to kiss your lips and fall asleep in your arms

I feel like am dying without you
My love I miss you here with me
Come back babe that you’re the star
I miss you at night, my love the night without
Feel like ending, come back my love
Come babe and look the way I suffer to have you
Here with me,

If you only knew the way my heart beats for you
My love my babe I need your arms around me
That I am feeling cold tonight
Come my love that I need your warm lips
Caressing my body tonight.

Written By Freddy .M. Nuñez


What Is the Meaning of Love? — Love

What is the meaning of love if I have to live without you?
My heart is telling me I’m getting crazy for you
What is love if I don’t get to have you?
For all my heart and my soul belongs to you

What is the meaning of love if you’re not with me?
I can’t help but smile whenever you’re around me
You make my weak just by looking at me
You don’t need to say anything at all just be with me

What is the meaning of love if there is no us
For wherever we are I can feel the love between us
Bringing smiles and laughter, bringing joy to us
For me there is no love if there is no us

What is the meaning of anything if you’re not my love
If you ever say that nothing is true about our love
And then you say goodbye and take away this love
You’ll make me cry, make me die if I don’t have your love

Written by Freddy .M. Nuñez

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