Poems by Lisa Coldy Anderson

I Cannot Love the Gecko

I cannot love the gecko; I know that others do,
but I won’t love a creature, that fills my home with its poo.
There’s no valentine for gecko, so nimble and so quick,
‘cause all those little droppings everyday just make me sick.
I cannot love the gecko for more than one good reason;
when I’m asleep he thinks that it is open chirping season!
The gecko won’t be getting any heart-shaped chocolate pieces,
although I know he’ll leave me lots of little bullet feces.
I know the gecko eats as many bugs as a good spider,
but I don’t like to see what has come out from deep inside her.
The gecko has its own sweetheart in winter, spring, and fall;
When I am passing by they’re copulating on the wall!
Unhappy Valentine’s Day to the gecko! Get out!

Lisa Colby Anderson

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