Woofer: Luke Chapter 6, Verse 31

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

“What’s up, Melody?” I asked, when I answered the phone.
“Can you come pick up Davin for me?”
“Where are you?”
“We’re at Sunday School. I have to stay around for the rest of the service but I want Davin out of here.”
“He’s in trouble again?”
“You could say that.”
When I picked him up I asked, “How are you doing, little buddy?”
“I don’t like Sunday school, Grandpa,” he said.
“What? Last week you loved it.”
“Yeah, but last week we learned about the Ten Commandments.”
“What did you learn about them?”
“Mostly, we learned that they are always broke.”
“Well, if you liked Sunday school last week why don’t you like it this week?”
“Because my mom is mean to me.”
“What does that have to do with Sunday school?”
“She smacked me and sent me home with you, didn’t she?”
“What did she smack you for?”
“I punched Pablo in the nose.”
“Why did you punch him in the nose?”
“Because he punched me first. But the teacher didn’t see him punch me. She only saw me punch him.”
“Did you tell your mom about it?”
“Yes. I told her I was just doing what we learned about in the Bible. The Bible says that’s what you are supposed to do.”
“Oh, yeah? Where in the Bible does it say you are supposed to punch Pablo in the nose?”
“The teacher told us the Bible says, ‘Do one to others as others do one to you.’”

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