Wolfe’s Woofers: Tiefing

Sunday, October 13th, 2013

Dennis-Wolfe-Wolfes-WoofersI was standing outside one of the grocery stores on the middle street. The door to the store opened and one of our local beach hustlers walked out. He was accompanied by a guy that I only know as The Jamaican.
“Yuh see dat?” the Jamaican said. “Mi tiefing three Milky Way candy bar.”
“Weh dey go?” the hustler asked.
“In me pocket,” the Jamaican said. “Nobody cyan tief like me!”
“Mek we go back to the store,” the hustler said. “Me ago show yuh a who a da real tief.”
They walked back into the store and I had to follow to see how this played out.
To the store owner the hustler said, “Yuh want to see de biggest magic trick of all time?”
“Watch. Me ago tek one Milky Way.”
The hustler peeled the candy bar and ate it.
“Gimme a next one.”
“He ate the second one and said, “One more.”
When he finished the third Milky Way the store owner said, “Hold on here. Where is the magic? All I see is you eat three of my candy bars.”
“Dat’s da magic,” the hustler said. “I didn’t really eat any Milky Ways.”
“Where are they then?”
The hustler said, “Check de Jamaican pockets and yuh find all three of them”

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