Wolfe’s Woofers: Christmas Play

Sunday, December 29th, 2013

Dennis-Wolfe-Wolfes-Woofers“I hear that Wyatt is going to be in a Christmas Play at his school,” I said.
“Yeah,” Chris said. “That‘s what he tells me.”
My band was on break at BC’s and we sat at one of the tables on the beach.
“Davin was in one last week at his school,” Dulce said. “He played the part of a Christmas tree.”
“I think they give them parts like that so they don’t have to speak,” I said.
“It’s a good thing, too,” Dulce said. “After all, he’s been hanging around you so there’s no telling what he might say if he had a speaking part.”
“That’s not why they don’t like to give little boys speaking parts,” I said. “It’s because Christmas plays are so confusing. I remember Dennisito, when he was about six or seven, telling us that in his Christmas play he was going to be one of the three wise guys.”
“What part is Wyatt going to play?” Dulce asked.
“I’m not sure,” Chris told her. “We’ll ask him the next time he comes by.”
Soon, a group of little boys chased each other by our table and Chris managed to snag Wyatt.
“Wyatt,” Dulce said. “What part do you have in the Christmas play?”
“I’m a shepherd,” Wyatt told her.
“What does a shepherd do?” Chris asked.
“I’m not sure,” Wyatt said. “I think we’re going to do the laundry.”
“What?” Dulce said. “What makes you think the shepherds are going to be doing the laundry?”
“Well, while we’re being shepherds all of the other kids are going to be singing that song about ‘While shepherds washed their socks by night.’”

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