Wolfe’s Woofer: Lightning

Sunday, November 12th, 2017

“Let’s eat here.”
I pointed at the new little restaurant on the beach.
“Fine with me,” Mario said.
When Mario works for me I usually buy lunch for him as I was doing now. As we waited for our food, Mario looked down the beach and said, “Hey, isn’t that Bill and Jenny Martin coming there? Hey, Bill! Jenny!”
He waved them over to our table and they joined us for lunch.
“Where you been?” Mario asked. “Seems like I ain’t seen you for half a year.”
“We’ve been spending time in Chicxulub, Mexico.” Bill said.
“Oh, yah. On the beach over near Merida.”
“You know Chicxulub? Most people I’ve talked to have no idea where it is.”
Mario said, “I got an auntie that married a Mexican and they live in Chelem, right up the road from there. I spent a lot of time with them.”
“I never heard of Chicxulub,” I said. “What made you choose that place?”
Bill said, “We were planning some diving and we read that Chicxulub is where the meteor that killed off the dinosaurs hit the earth. We figured that should be a pretty impressive sight to dive.”
“It wasn’t, though,” Jenny said. “The water is way too shallow for diving and there are no reefs. Bill said we should stay in Chicxulub because since the giant meteor landed there, it is not likely that another one would land in the same place.”
“Good thinking,” I said. “It’s kind of like the saying that lighting never strikes twice in the same place.”
“That’s not true,” Mario said. “Lighting does strike twice in the same place. My Uncle Freddy got struck by lightning twice.”
“Ooh,” Jenny said. “How did he feel afterwards?”
“He felt heavy,” Mario said.
“Yah. We was one pallbearer short.”

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