Wolfe’s Woofer: Tell the Truth

Sunday, November 17th, 2019

Mario said, “I miss Vernon since Yolanda won’t let him go night fishing with us anymore.”
The snappers were running and Mario and I had been fishing down by the bridge since dark. By nine o’clock we had a nice catch that we were cleaning on the concrete seawall.
“Speak of the devil,” I said, “and there he is. Hey, Vernon.”
“Hey, Mr. Dennis,” Vernon said. “I was hoping to find you here. I want to catch a ride home.”
I said, “Sure. There’s room in the golf cart.”
“What are you doing out so late?” Mario asked. “I thought Yolanda got you tied up tight.”
“She does, but I got away long enough to mess up big time today.”
“How so?” Mario asked.
“I talked that new girl at work into letting me come over to her house. I ended up falling asleep and now I need you to give me an alibi.”
“I’m not going back up your lies,” I said. “Yolanda would kill me and you both if she caught us.”
“I’m going to tell her the truth,” Vernon said.
He pulled a newly cleaned fish from one of our buckets and rubbed it all over his shirt. When we got to his house Yolanda was waiting at the gate.
“Vernon, you pig! Where have you been?”
Vernon said, “Yoli, I was seeing this other woman. I fell asleep at her house this evening.”
She took a good smell of his shirt and said, “Vernon, you liar! You been fishing with these idiots again.”

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