Sunday, July 21, 2024

Conquerors FC

Top players emerge during Island Football League’s sixth week

The Island Football League (IFL) is in week six of its season, with twelve teams competing for the championship. With only five more weeks left in the tournament, the race for the coveted Championship title has intensified. This weekend's matches concluded with seven players leading the league in scoring.

Calling all football fans: The Island Football League starts 2024 season

The Island Football League (IFL) has returned with 12 teams competing for the championship. The first week of matches concluded with six top football clubs leading in the league's standings. These teams include Shark Shooters FC, Terror Squad FC, Conquerors FC, Sea Bulls FC, G Strikers FC, and Joker Futbol Club. The other teams in the competition, namely Black Sails FC, SPHS FC, Alaia FC, Sharks FC, Vince Assassins FC, and Ambergris Hope FC, have yet to secure a win.