Thursday, May 23, 2024

Wil Maheia

Despite warning from the PM, BTV’s expedition to the border is a go!

Despite GOB’s attempts to dissuade such trips to the boarder, both group leaders have announced that the expeditions will go on.

National News: Development discovered at Belize-Guatemala Adjacency Zone

Belize Territorial Volunteers have discovered development along the Guatemalan side of the adjacency zone that is in clear violation of the 2008 agreement/compromise between Belize and Guatemala.

Clearance initiative near Jalacte on the Belize-Guatemala borderline starts without incident

Not even the thick mud and wet, hilly terrain could deter the resolve of about 125 Belizeans who trekked their way from the Jalacte...

Government warns Belizeans about clearing border between Guatemala and Belize

The radical plan of the group called Belize Territorial Volunteers to head to the Belize/Guatemala border to clearly define the difference between both countries is being cautioned by the Government of Belize.

Belize Territorial Volunteers make first patrol to the Colombia Forest Reserve

The Belize Territorial Volunteer is a group of concerned Belizeans who have decided that enough is enough when it comes to taking care of our borders