Saturday, May 18, 2024

Belize Elections

Standard Bearers Debate Q&A: Campaigning

Candidates Mike Campbell, Patty Arceo, Bobby Lopez and Manuel Heredia Jr. squared off on topics ranging from crime and corruption to education and tourism. Over the next few days we will be presenting a verbatim transcript of all the questions, answers and rebuttals by each candidate for you to view, read and discuss in detail. We now get to our second topic… Campaigning

Standard Bearers Debate Q&A: Education

Many elementary schools are overcrowded and most communities are without adequate high schools. Do you have any plans for improving educational opportunities in Belize Rural South for all age groups? If so, what are they?

Belize Rural South Standard Bearers square off in first ever debate

The general consensus is that BRS, our constituency, is not getting its fair share, and not getting what it deserves. The suggestion of becoming the seventh district of the country was definitely a strong sentiment among most candidates.

San Pedro Town Council Independent Candidates Nominated

Shortly before 1PM Independent Mayoral Candidate Melanie "Mel Paz" along with her core campaigners assembled on Laguna Drive and walked down the principal streets...

Press Release: Election Day a Public and Bank Holiday

Cabinet at its regular meeting today, Tuesday, 14th February, agreed that the Election Day, Wednesday, 7th March, 2012, be designated as a public and bank holiday.

Meet your Candidates – Badillo, Nuñez & Nuñez

With the municipal elections right around the corner, The San Pedro Sun takes this opportunity to present the Councilor Candidates to the San Pedro public.