Saturday, May 18, 2024

Decision 2012

Polling Station Update: 1PM

As of 1:00pm this afternoon voter turnout in the Belize Rural South General Elections has reached 1,911; which accounts for 26.92% of the total electorate. In San Pedro Town Council Municipal Elections, 1,519 voters have turned out to vote or 24.17% of the voter total.

Polling Station Status Update: 10AM

As of 10:00am a total of 1157 votes have been cast for the Belize Rural South General Election, which amount to 16.29% of the total electorate. For the San Pedro Town Council Municipal Elections, 850 Electorates have come out to vote, which represent 13.5% of the total eligible to vote.

Polling Station Status Report

Between the first hours of voting between 7AM and 8AM a total of 252 votes for the Municipal election were cast in Area 37 at the San Pedro High School. This amounts to 4% of the registered voters in San Pedro.

Thousands to go to the polls in double elections

Today March 7th, thousands of Belizeans are going to the polls to choose a new municipal and central governments. Since 6AM this morning, the polls were open to allow for voting to start at 7AM. In San Pedro the election process started as planned.

Countrywide Countdown to Elections 2012

Ambergris Caye electorates, which is 6,289, will vote twice, once in the General and once in the Municipal elections. Combined, all three polling areas in BRS have 7,100 registered voters.