Sunday, May 19, 2024

Rotary Club

Ambergris Caye Rotary Club gives back to the community

The newly installed Rotary Club in San Pedro has been actively seeking ways to assist the island community.

Rotary Club of San Pedro receives wheelchair donation

The island now counts with a Rotary Club that formed three weeks ago, and it has already brought international assistance to San Pedro Town.

Belize Rotary Club helps address water challenges affecting San Mateo

Ann Kuffner leads Rotarians’ water filter efforts in San Mateo, guiding volunteers and joining hands with locals to ensure that the Sawyer Water Filter buckets are properly used.

Belize Participates in 18th Annual Bi-District Rotaract Conference

The Rotary Club-sponsored youth group: Rotaract of Belize joined other Central American countries in Honduras for their annual Bi-District Conference.

Rotary Club Leaders Review San Mateo’s Water Filter Project

10 families in the San Mateo community each received a Sawyer Water Filter from the Rotary Club to help improve the water and health of those who use them.