Saturday, May 25, 2024


Doctor Love: My son says he hates me

"Few things hurt a parent like hearing the words “I hate you,” from their child but they are only words, despite the intensity you think is behind them. Your son doesn’t hate you—he loves you. He just got angry and didn’t know how to handle it. Whether your son is a toddler or a teenager, you can help him learn better communication skills."

Doctor Love: Pants on Fire

"Everyone lies. Little white lies help us save face, they protect the feelings of others, and they get us out of uncomfortable situations. Little lies are a normal human attribute."

Doctor Love: Middle-Aged Crisis

"Getting old hurts. It hurts the mind. It hurts the ego. It hurts the body. Your feelings of sadness at the changes taking place in your life are as natural as growing old. This doesn’t mean they have to control your life and make you miserable."

Doctor Love: Work and Relationships

"Office romance has been around since, well, offices. You can have a relationship with a coworker but there are issues to consider if you do."

Doctor Love: Not Again

"When a partner has been unfaithful, they have to work extra hard to maintain transparency and earn back the trust. Then they have to keep that trust."

Doctor Love: When love isn’t demonstrative enough

Love is complicated in all its nuances. For some, displays of affection are vital to feeling 'in love', while others coast without overt demonstrations. What works?

Doctor Love: Cash Poor

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Doctor Love: Anon

Readers, email your question to [email protected]. Your letters are edited solely for grammar, spelling and length.