Poem by L. Nathaniel

All year long our women works hard
Don’t they deserve more than chocolates and candies and valentines card?
With hard labor at home and out the fields
From secretaries to housewives, providing us meals

We love our fathers, our brothers, the men
But sirs the ladies are the one who bore our children
Their work never done for at the end of the day
When the kids are at sleep, dad wants to play

And how are we in our appreciation?
We buy them iron wrap in scarlet ribbon
We buy them washing machines to go with our dirty clothes
We provide a garden, then buy them a hose

We buy them things that will benefits us
Like a feather brush, so that they may dust
For when we get home and sit in the chair
The house must be clean and the beer must be near

Then lazy would come and turn on TV
And all he can say, is “Gyal what’s for tea”
Our ladies deserves more this valentines day
Let’s show them love in the most memorable way

Take them somewhere nice, and treat them right
And you will get the best gift later on that night
Buy something for her, treat her as a queen
Don’t be stingy, cheap, or mean

Keep her preciously close to your heart
Let this Valentines Day be a very good start
For when you give love it must return
It cannot be bought, nor sold, but earn.

L. Nathaniel

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