Jose Armando and Sarbelo Marroquin charged for murder of Scott Charles

Thursday, August 24th, 2017

Police have formally charged Jose Armando Marroquin and Sarbelo Marroquin for the murder of Scott Charles. Charles was gunned down at his home in the Elliot Subdivision of San Pedro Town on Wednesday, August 16th. Charles received gunshot wounds to the lower part of his abdomen and lower thigh, and was transported to Belize City in a critical condition. He succumbed to his injuries around 1PM the following day while he was undergoing medical treatment.

(l) Jose Armando and (r) Sarbelo Marroquin have been charged for Scott Charles' murder.

The official report states that on the night of August 16th, at around 8:40PM, someone knocked on Charles’ door. As soon as he opened the door, several shots were fired in his direction, causing his injuries.

According to eyewitnesses, over a dozen gunshots rang through the neighbourhood. Many residents believed that the assailants came via boat through the lagoon side, through where they made their way to Charles’ home.

A motive for Charles’ murder has not yet been confirmed by Police.

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