Saturday, May 25, 2024


Omar Arceo invited to present on fly fishing and sustainable fishing in Cuba

San Pedro’s Omar Arceo, popularly known as the “Dr. of the Flats,” was invited to Cuba as an international expert to share his decades of experience and expertise in fly fishing and sustainable fishing practices. The interactive event, part of a week-long workshop that started on Monday, May 20th, will also promote rural, marine, and aquaculture opportunities and other alternative fishing practices connected to native ecosystems.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve’s Reef Fest includes educational Trivia Competition

Hol Chan Marine Reserve held its Annual Reef Fest 2024 Primary School Trivia Competition on Wednesday, May 22nd, at the Lions Den in San Pedro Town. The tight competition started at 9:00AM, with the participation of nine contestants from five different schools: Ambergris Caye Elementary School (ACES), San Pedro Roman Catholic School (SPRCS), The Island Academy (TIA), Isla Bonita Elementary School (IBES), and the Holy Cross Anglican School (HCAS). The participants showcased their knowledge of the reef and marine ecosystems.

Hol Chan Prepares for Reef Fest 2024

Hol Chan Marine Reserve's Reef Fest is back! The 2024 edition will be celebrated from May 19th to May 24th, with the theme "Saving the marine ecosystem is a priority; education is key to sustainability." Paris Kelly and Karisha Rubio, winners of last year's slogan competition at San Pedro High School, suggested this year's theme.

First Sea Turtle nest of the season discovered on the Northern Ambergris Caye

On Monday, May 6th, the Hol Chan Marine Reserve (HCMR) team received a report from Chris Summers via their official Facebook page. Summers is a collaborator with whom they have established a working relationship through Aces Wildlife Rescue. Mr. Summers shared a video of a fresh sea turtle crawl observed on the beach side of the property owned by Clear Water Belize. The HCMR team promptly responded to this notification and confirmed the presence of a nest upon investigation, marking the inauguration of Ambergris Caye Sea Turtle Season 2024.

The Blue Bond and Finance Permanence Unit hosts two-day mission with the Belize Fisheries Department

On April 22nd and 23rd, the Blue Bond and Finance Permanence Unit, Office of the Prime Minister, hosted a two-day mission with the Belize Fisheries Department (BFD) to meet with on the ground partners in Southern Belize who are grantees from the conservation funding under the Belize Blue Bonds. On April 22nd, the team met up with the Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium, who has been instrumental in providing important scientific information for the sustainable use and conservation of sharks in Belize.

The challenges sustainable fishers face in Belize

A family of committed fishermen from Sarteneja Village and its surrounding areas in the northern Corozal District uses the waters around Middle Long Caye sustainably. They are the Lopez family, led by Ismael Lopez Sr. and Jr., Rodrigo Lopez, and Nestor Lopez. The family has been fishing in the region for over four decades now. Despite their excellent practices, Ismael, one of the head fishers, shared that pirates, the effects of climate change, and the possibility of expanding marine protected areas without proper consultations often threaten their fishing camp.

Belize’s Scarlet Macaws population in peril

The Frіеndѕ fоr Соnѕеrvаtіоn аnd Dеvеlорmеnt (FСD) are alerting Belizeans that the local population of Scarlet Macaws is іn іmmеdіаtе реrіl. The organization that looks after the Chiquibul National Park in western Belize released an official note on April 23rd explaining the current situation and citing that around 2008, approximately 125 pairs of macaws remained in that area.

San Pedro celebrates Earth Day with a colorful beach event

San Pedro residents commemorated Earth Day on Saturday, April 20th, with an educational and fun fair at the Boca del Rio Beach Park. The family activity was themed ‘Neon Glow Night.’ The gathering included educational booths, mechanical games, music, lively presentations highlighting the importance of preserving the planet, and the presence of Miss Earth Reyna Choj.

Nassau Grouper season opens in Belize

The Nassau Grouper season in Belize is officially open from April 1st to November 30th. However, the Fisheries Department reminds fishermen about the critical status of the Nassau Grouper, the importance of responsible fishing practices, and adherence to fisheries regulations.

Belize’s Quest for Sustainable Solutions to Finance Marine Protected Areas

Belize, though small in size, stands as a beacon of ambition in the realm of coastal and marine protection. Internationally acclaimed for its commitment to conservation, Belize has 103 protected areas, 32 of which are Coastal and Marine Protected Areas (CAMPAs). Each protected area is designated under a specific category based on why it is being protected.

ACES Wildlife Rescue Facility subjected to unregulated sound violations

Press Release – Ambergris Caye, Belize – March 30, 2024 - ACES Wildlife Rescue needs your urgent assistance! The property next door to Aces Wildlife...