Dr. Love: Trapped

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Dear Doctor Love,

For my family the holiday season has always been a wonderful time of the year. We have relatives in the U.S.and the U.K. and they always come down to visit us at this time of the year. Friends of the family come, too. We always welcome them and we cram more people into our house than can possibly fit. It is really our favorite time of the year.

Two years ago we had some trouble with our business and things became a real financial trouble. For awhile it looked like we might even lose our house. We were lucky enough to pull out of it but not without a lot of damage to our finances. Then the holiday season came around and it nearly wiped us out again. It took us until April to recover but we finally did. This year business has been slow again. We have been going along pretty good but not enough to get ahead. Now, the holiday season is over and we are back in trouble again. Thanks to God, the tourist season is starting and if it is a good one, we will come back quickly. If it is not, we are going to be struggling until July or August, if we even manage to make it back.

I keep the books for our business so I always know exactly what kind of shape we are in financially. My husband does the hard work of the business but sometimes he doesn’t know what we are really going through. I sat him down and showed him the numbers.Holidaypay for our employees and Christmas gifts for our family puts a big dent in our budget. Then, when family comes down, my husband spends a lot of money entertaining them and showing them a good time. He was shocked when he saw how much money we spent in the last two weeks of the year. It is almost as much as we made in the last five months. He agrees with me that if we have a bad tourist season we are going to be in trouble but according to him, this is what we live for. If we can’t show our friends and relatives a good time, what is the use of even working?

In a way, I agree with him, but I feel that we need to be practical and plan for next year (that is assuming we make it through this one). I don’t feel like I can call or write to our friends and tell them anything. I am kind of stuck. What can I do?

/s/ Trapped


Dear Trapped,

You might want to invest some time in phone calls and letters over the next year. When you call your friends and family, tell them that business has been really bad and admit that you are struggling. Make sure you do this several times over the coming year, starting within the next month. Without coming out and saying so, you can sort of throw yourself on their mercy. If they really are friends and close family, they will understand.




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