Tuesday, May 28, 2024


Diabetes in San Pedro: What is it, are you at risk, and what can you do?

Belize, and especially San Pedro, has seen an increase in the rate of diabetes, as well as risk factors such as obesity.

SPHS benefits from diabetes awareness campaign

Thousands of Belizeans live with diabetes. Diabetes has become a major health concern across the world, with 9.3% of the human population living with...

Over 13% of Belize’s population living with diabetes

Rice and beans, stewed chicken, potato salad and a couple slices of fried plantain is the traditional dish that most Belizeans enjoy. This is...

Persons living with Diabetes to benefit from Regional Study-based Project

Press Release- Health Educator Central Health Region- HECOPAB, July 30th- Belize is among a list of six Caribbean countries that will benefit from a project...

San Pedro Cancer Society hosts a successful Health Fair

At least 200 people were tended to at the health fair hosted by the San Pedro Cancer Society on Saturday, September 8.

Diabetes fundraiser a success

The San Pedro branch of the Belize Diabetes Association (BDA) held a successful fundraiser on Sunday, April 15th at the San Pedro Lion Den

Belize Diabetes Association branch formed in San Pedro

The Belize Diabetes Association has established a branch in San Pedro. While it may have happened quietly and out of the news radar, The...