Sunday, July 21, 2024

Marina Drive

Town Council road paving plan underway; hiring workers to help complete the project

A project spearheaded by the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) and the central government to pave 7.5 miles of roads in San Pedro Town started with the first phase commencing on Blake Street. The anticipated project south of San Pedro will cover several streets linked to Marina Drive, including some side streets through the southern subdivisions of DFC and Escalante. The project will also include streets in San Pedrito, San Juan, Boca del Rio, and San Mateo. With an adequate workforce, the project will be completed within a year. The SPTC is hiring workers for the venture and encourages anyone on the island looking for a job to visit their offices for the opportunity to work on this infrastructural project.

Ground-breaking officiates the cementing of more than seven miles of road in San Pedro

On Thursday, May 11th, Area Representative Honourable Andre Perez, and Mayor Gualberto ‘Wally’ Nuñez joined the ground-breaking of an infrastructure project which will see the building of 7.5 miles of concrete roads in San Pedro Town. The areas to be upgraded are the main streets, including Marina Drive, through subdivisions such as DFC, San Pablo, San Pedrito, San Juan, and Boca del Rio, ending at San Mateo. The contractor said the project would be completed by December of this year or January 2024.

Cementing of Blake Street starts south of San Pedro Town

A portion of Blake Street south of San Pedro Town is under preparation to be cemented. This effort is part of rehabilitating a stretch of road leading to the marina area, a vital barge port further south of town. On Monday, May 8th, the section of Blake Street leading into the San Pablo area was blocked and is currently being prepared for cement. According to those on the ground, it is just the beginning of a larger project.

San Pedro Christmas Day fire still under investigation

The San Pedro Fire Department’s investigation into a fire that destroyed a family home on the Marina Drive Area, south of San Pedro Town on December 25th, is still inconclusive.

Illegal dumping of garbage continues; local authorities slow to respond

Residents of the Marina Drive area have been complaining that trucks are dumping garbage near their private properties or in the surrounding empty lots and streets.

Mountains of garbage on Marina Drive is “plain nasty” and “unacceptable” says the Mayor

There are major concerns being expressed regarding tons of garbage dumped on Marina Drive in the southern portion of San Pedro Town, specifically the...

Michael Wallace shot and killed during robbery attempt

After burglarizing a home on Marina Drive, Michael Wallace and two others tried to rob the owner but was shot and killed during the attempt.