Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Miguel Alamilla

World Oceans Day observed in San Pedro with beach clean-up; other environmental entities encourage Belizeans to take care of the sea

This year's theme for the annual Oceans Day is 'The Ocean: Life and livelihood.' In San Pedro, the sea is an essential source of livelihood for the fishing and tourism sector. Thus, the San Pedro Town Council, via its Councillor Johnnia Duarte, carried out the beach clean-up with the support of islanders Elito Arceo and Miguel Alamilla. The activity saw adults and children participating in what has become a constant attempt to keep the beach clean and the sea free of hazardous rubbish.

ACCSD seeks new plan of action against development at Cayo Rosario

Former manager for Hol Chan Marine Reserve and director on the board of ACCSD, Miguel Alamilla has confirmed that they are discussing with their lawyers a new approach to stop the development.

Stakeholders Unite to Stop Destructive Development within Hol Chan Marine Reserve

The ACCSD is not a group against development; rather their mission is to promote sustainable development; to protect and enhance our natural resources without compromising the livelihood of this and future generations.

Ambergris Caye Fishing Guide Association holds first meeting of the year

The Ambergris Caye Fishing Guide Association (ACFGA) held its first 2018 meeting at the Lions Den in San Pedro Town on Thursday, May 10th.

Sargassum blamed for mass fish death on Ambergris Caye; Marine Environmentalists suggest solutions

An alarming number of fish were observed gasping for air and dying along the Boca del Rio beach north of San Pedro Town on the evening of May 7th. The unexpected incident has been attributed to the continuous influx of Sargassum seaweed, which is not only affecting Ambergris Caye but the entire country and the Caribbean region.

Considered the greatest single threat to the Caribbean, Sargassum is blamed for dead fish on Ambergris Caye

The influx of Sargassum seaweed has been accumulating along the coast of Ambergris Caye and nearby islands for the past several weeks. The thick accumulation of these sea plants on the coastline is apparently causing detrimental effects on certain fish species as residents have reported dead fish along the shores.

Authorities weigh in on artisan suspected of selling products made from manatee remains

Environmental authorities on the island are following reports of an artisan who is allegedly selling products made from the remains of manatee.

Government authorities respond to illegal dredging in Northern Ambergris Caye

Reports of unauthorized dredging taking place within the Hol Chan Marine Reserve Expansion Zone on the west coast of Northern Ambergris Caye, have prompted local authorities on the island to issue an immediate stop order.