Saturday, May 18, 2024

Public Transportation

GOB introduces new regulations to contain the spread of COVID-19

The new regulations put in place are set to start December 20th, and will remain in place until a new set of rules are determined. The rules include a new curfew, restricted inter-district travel and 50% transport capacity.

Ministry of Transport Addresses Public Transportation Reports

While the Department has increased monitoring and has mandated bus companies to increase cleaning efforts in response to the COVID-19 threat, the Ministry of Transport and National Emergency Management and the DOT have been receiving reports that public transportation operators including drivers and conductors along with travelling commuters are not adhering to the Regulations. Bus drivers, conductors and passengers are not wearing their masks when travelling in the buses, or in some instances, they are not properly worn. It has also been reported that in some instances sanitization of hands or of the buses is not being done.

Public Transportation Protocol for COVID-19

Even though Belize is not in a heightened state of emergency, the public is still encouraged to plan ahead and consider travelling outside rush hours, where possible, in an effort to promote social distancing. As recommended by the World Health Organization, passengers must keep three to six feet apart from each other when standing in line. This can reduce the possibility of person-to-person transmission of the virus.

Public Transportation Protocol for COVID-19

While the Department of Transport has increased monitoring and has mandated bus companies to increase cleaning efforts, the public is also urged to take extra precautions. If experiencing cold and flu-like symptoms, it is strongly encouraged to stay at home and avoid travel. Practicing good hand hygiene by washing hands frequently is crucial and will protect each individual, fellow commuters and transport staff. It is advised to take the necessary measures to prevent this dreadful and deadly virus.

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