Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Robles Beach

Sea turtle nesting in northern Ambergris Caye continues under threat from human activity

Over the past weeks, more sea turtle nests have been spotted on the beaches of northern Ambergris Caye. The nesting season, which lasts through November, primarily covers an area from Punta Azul to Robles Beach and the Rocky Point area. Every year a crew from the Hol Chan Marine Reserve monitors and records the nesting period and the challenges affecting the season. This includes human activity such as increased and careless vehicular traffic and improper disposal of garbage. Recently, residents have discovered destroyed turtle nests and eggs on the beach.

Turtle Nesting Season Under Threat from Human Activity

The 2022 Turtle Nesting Season is underway, with nests already registered on the beaches of North Ambergris Caye. While the island has long been a hot spot for turtle nesting, the increase in human activity has threatened the health of a successful nesting season in recent years. According to Hol Chan Marine Reserve, the local authorities in charge of monitoring and recording the nesting season on Ambergris Caye, the main areas are from Punta Azul to Robles Beach and the Rocky Point area.