Wednesday, June 19, 2024

San Pedro Billiards Association

8- Ball Pool tournament narrows as it nears semi-finals

The semi-finals for the pre-season 8-ball pool competition is right around the corner, and the games are getting tighter.

8-Ball Pool Tournament heading back to the beach

With less than three weeks before the finals, the San Pedro Billiards Association held another round of fun games in their pre-season 8-ball pool tournament.

8-Ball Pool Tournament continues

After the long Easter break, the pre-season 8-ball Pool Tournament continued this past weekend at one of the most popular local pubs in town - Cholo’s Bar.

8-Ball Pool Tournament approaching semi-finals

Accompanied by a scenic lagoon view, the pre-season 8-Ball Pool Tournament continued this past weekend at Captain Iguanas.

The SP Billiards Association’s 8-ball Tournament continues roaming the island

Organized by the San Pedro Billiards Association, the tournament has been welcomed by island residents who strongly support the new sporting activity.

SP Billiards Association continues pre-season 8-Ball pool tournament

San Pedro Billiards Association are hosting a pre-season 8-Ball pool tournament on the island.

San Pedro joins the Belize Billiards Sport Federation

The San Pedro Billiards Association (SPBA) is now officially affiliated with the Belize Billiards Sport Federation (BBSF).