San Pedro Longing by Matthew Haugh

San Pedro Longing

San Pedro Town, when we first met,
(Though I could not know it yet),
the flame you lit within my heart
would be a fire I can’t forget.

Fishing rod and guide to teach.
Morning sunrise on the beach.
Waves are breaking on the reef.
Golden rays do skyward reach.

On the shore with fishing line.
Water warm and sand so fine.
Sardines and a bit of luck,
will yield to me a fish to dine.

Neighbors, friends, and those I greet
on carts and bikes in narrow streets;
The best of friends I’ll ever have.
The best of friends I’ll ever meet.

The smell of salt, lain in bed.
Island sounds to fill my head.
Music drifts along your streets
from island boys with drums and dreds.

With rum-filled glass and cup of beer
I cherish that I did come here.
A longing only fills my heart
’till I return to you next year.

Matthew Haugh

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