Poems by Janelle Alvarez

SORRY and Good Bye

Sorry, this is what I want to tell you
I never meant to make your life turn misty blue
How could I dare say, I am the victim, when I hurted you
I would have wanted us to grow old together
But I suppose you had no clue.

Sorry, something you don’t want to hear from me
How could I put you on aside for he
He wasn’t the one to make my heart glee
I always reminisce our little gateway to the Caye

Sorry, I made your life miserable, I put you in shame
All I wish is for things to be the same
Sorry, but I never meant to cause you pain
I miss the way you whisper my name

Sorry, I wish I can look you in the eyes,
But all you see from me are a pack of lies
I am so sorry for all those cries
But now I guess its time to say my good byes


Janelle Alvarez

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