SUCCESS!! Baby Daniel will receive treatment…

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

The following is a letter sent to members of the Save Daniel Facebook page regarding the status of Baby Daniel Estell Jr. The San Pedro Sun is proud of all who helped raise funds for this much loved baby, who will have a life ahead of him thanks to all the support and love that people have shown in the past few weeks.

“Within the next 24-hours, Baby Daniel will be flown to Colombia where his life-saving procedure will be performed!!!

It is DIRECTLY because of the collective effort of every single person in this group, and the effort of all of the others who are not a part of this group that have worked so tirelessly to raise the funds needed for Daniel’s transplant.

The people of Belize pounding the pavement to collect money, the news organizations spreading the word, holding and supporting fundraisers, people tweeting and face-booking and talking about Daniel to everyone we met, soliciting donations, finding connections, following up on leads . . . all of this has paid off!

Baby Daniel is going to live a happy, healthy life!

YOU were a part of making that happen, and we will be eternally grateful.

Funds will still need to be raised for the follow-up care, but we’ve cleared the first hurdle!

Please take a moment to celebrate yourself, and our magnificent accomplishment! A million thanks.

With much love,

Daniel, Ilda, Daniela, Delores, Melissa, Leigh, and Marissa”

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