Letter to the Editor: Would anyone go to this bar?

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017

Dear Editor:
I, as the principal owner of Pelican Properties, have to look at the “Winner’s Spot” bar, which is directly across the road from my property. Many people, like the tourists and locals, refuse to walk by this bar as it is full of drug dealers and prostitutes.
Last week a patron of the bar chased out a local and was heard saying: “I ain’t no ho’, you have to pay for this poke.” Patrons of the bar next door are consistently offered cocaine amongst other drugs. Last week, a patron was murdered in the bar, yet the bar was opened at 10AM the following morning.
What is the matter with us and the politicians? They admit this bar is a blight on our landscape, yet they are given licenses to operate and affect San Pedro’s tourism.
This bar should be closed immediately – just ask the question, “Would the reader go to this bar?” or, “Would anyone you know, go to this bar?”
Peter Lawrence

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