Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Atlantic Bank credit card spending limits

"I have a US$ Atlantic Bank Credit Card with spending limit of $3000USD. To ensure I have that spending limit I gave the Atlantic Bank $3000USD to hold in a Collateral Account. I collect a wee bit of interest on that Collateral Account but cannot touch it if I want my spending limit. So, it is not really a Credit Card (credit gifted from the bank – based on my income and other regulations), it is a Collateral Card. Now, Atlantic Bank (via Central Bank) has reduced my spending limit to $1000USD because of COVID-19 and the government needs access to US Dollars. They tell me it was a unilateral reduction of spending limits – meaning it was done to everyone. Well, they have my money."

Look ahead to when COVID-free tourists ARE allowed back to our island.

One thing is for sure, Covid19 knows how to STOP an entire working society. But what are we learning if anything? As a business owner, I sit like many others wondering what can be done today and what tomorrow will look like. If I am correct in my predictions, we are in this for many more long months and those months seem....wasted.  We are not doing enough.

Letter to the Editor: The Way I See It

"The gift that this Prime Minister could at this time effectively give this Nation is campaign funding legislation. He could pass it in one sitting of the House, as he has been won’t to do. Nobody could formally vote “no” on it and it would curtail the flow of illicit funding and force the Government in power to find legitimate substitute sources to carry on all types of informal subsidizing of constituencies. Maybe then they could focus on programs to encourage light industry or agriculture and then on formal social programs to assist the really needy. This would bring the real statistics of poverty and unemployment to light. It would be tough going for a while, but we would emerge a stronger, prouder self- reliant people"

Letter to the Editor:Speed Trap Island?

Most people who come here to visit from other developed countries were taught the speed limit was 15 mph in school zones, 25 mph in residential areas and progressed to 35 mph and up, depending on street conditions and location.

Letter to the Editor: Garbage is killing our Crocodiles

Woke up yesterday morning to see this beautiful creature with this on her back. People pick up your garbage! Remember when San Pedro was a simple fishing village and people took pride in their surroundings.

Letter to the Editor: Letter to the editor: A plea to the police and customs officers

"This has been going unchecked for years, no matter how many complaints the -police department receives. Let us make one thing perfectly clear; fireworks are illegal in Belize - period. They may be legal in the country claiming us, Guatemala, but in independent Belize, they are illegal."

Letter to the Editor: Beware of Scotiabank

"Recent events leave me no choice but to advise the public of an ongoing situation at Scotiabank. If you have a credit card account or accounts; Beware!"

Letter to the Editor: Lifesaving Lessons with Butane

If your gas tank is leaking, call the Fire Department (206-2372 or 911).