Bowen & Bowen issues advisory on 5-gallon bottled water

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

After receiving reports of Crystal Water 5-Gallon bottles being illegally refilled, Bowen & Bowen issued a public advisory on April 24th. The advisory informed customers to take precautions against imitation water, and assured that its ultra-purification system guarantees purity, quality, excellent taste, and safety in Crystal Water.
The reports indicate that Crystal Water 5-Gallon bottles are being filled with inferior quality water. Bowen & Bowen reiterates that Crystal Water goes through 11 stages of purification and exceeds all local, regional and international standards for drinking water, thus, customers should not risk their health, and examine their water before purchasing.
To safeguard, and ensure that customers are getting certified Crystal Water, Bowen & Bowen Crystal Water 5-Gallon bottles have several safety measures as part of its standard packaging. Consumers should check the bottles before purchasing and opening a Crystal Water 5-gallon bottle. Intact should be the tamper resistant shrink sleeves that covers all 5-gallon caps, a Crystal peel away tamper proof seal label on top of the 5-gallon cap, and all bottles are embossed with the Bowen & Bowen Crystal logo. Crystal Water labels are also attached to the side panel of each bottle.
Bowen & Bowen is investigating the matter of illicit refilling to ensure its consumers’ safety. For further inquiries, comments, or if anyone has information regarding the refilling of Crystal Water 5-Gallon bottles, please call their Toll Free Customer Service number at 0 (800) 269-3629 or send an email to [email protected]

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