Work on phase two of Police Barracks resumes

Friday, August 28th, 2015

Works on the second phase of the police barracks building has finally resumed as of Wednesday, August 26th, after being at a standstill for almost a year. The construction of the second barrack building began early in October of 2014, and so far, only the foundation and first floor walls have been constructed.
Police Barracks Second Phase-1According to Mayor Daniel Guerrero the delay was due to medical conditions affecting the contractor of the facility. “The construction came to a stall due to Gaby travelling out of the country because of medical issues, dealing with his family and himself as well. Now he is back to the project with the aim of completing the construction of the two story building. The construction should not take long, however I cannot give a time frame. But definitely, the building will be ready soon, after works resume on it,” Guerrero stated. The two story building/barracks for the police will have four rooms with a recreational and educational facility for the San Pedro Cadet Corp on the first floor. While on the second floor there will be two rooms, each with a private bathroom designed to house officers.
Deputy of the Coastal Executive Unit, Assistant Superintendent Henry Jemmott mentioned that to his knowledge, there was not a specific reason as to why the building’s construction was stopped. “The building’s construction is under Gaby’s construction company, and from the time the project came to a stop, I was unable to find out the reasons why works had stopped. I could not even approach Gaby, since most of the time, he was out of the country,” said Jemmott via a phone interview.
The Ministry of National Security gave $50,000 towards the completion of the building in August of last year, but according to Guerrero more will be needed. “The government provided us with some funds which have already been used in purchasing the construction materials. The funds were not enough so we might need the San Pedro Town Council and maybe the business community as well to chip in, in order to finalize the completion of the building,” said Guerrero. The additional funds that are needed will cover the cost for plumbing, electric wiring, painting and tiling.
After the completion of the police barracks there will be the construction of four police substations which will be the precincts that will be installed at San Mateo, San Juan, San Pedrito and the DFC area.

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