Wednesday, May 22, 2024


San Pedro Magistrate explains court proceedings

The fact is that the release of persons charged is not a decision made by police officers, but by the Magistrate stationed in San Pedro Town.

David Nanes Schnitzer’s bail revoked after weeks on the run

David Nanes Schnitzer remains on the run after being granted bail in Belize’s Supreme Court. He is believed to have defrauded Mexican investors of...

Minister Heredia bails out employee found in possession of marijuana

A bail application document was leaked to the media in which a sitting member of parliament signed on to bail for a man charged...

The four men accused in Belize’s largest heroin bust are out on bail

The four men accused of being involved in the biggest heroin bust in Belizean history are out on bail. 32-year-old Jose Antonio Lara, fisherman...